Python Programming Bootcamp

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Python Programming Bootcamp

Start Learning Python and SQL in this Python Programming Bootcamp. Get trained by Industry Experts with our highly recommended 8 weeks training program. This bootcamp is for beginners in coding who want to explore a career in Data Science.

Program Fee: Rs. 25,000/-

Next Start Date:
Nov 25, 2022

About Python Programming Bootcamp
Program Overview

  • 50+ Hours of Content
  • 25+ Live Learning Hours
  • 5 Tools/Languages/Libraries
  • 100+ Practice Questions
  • 20+ Hours of TA Doubt Resolution Sessions
  • 11 Live Sessions
  • Designed And Delivered By Industry Experts
  • Multiple Tools And Technologies
  • Practice Coding Questions


Nov 25, 2022

Interest in learning Python Programming is a must. The admission committee will review and shortlist relevant profiles.

Mode of Teaching & Exams

Medium of Instructions

Fees: INR 25,000

Duration: 8 weeks

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Programming Languages and Tools Covered
Get Hand-on Experience and deep dive into the latest tools and programming languages

Programming Tools
Programming Tools
Programming Tools
Programming Tools
Programming Tools

Dream Job Placement
Land the job you have always wanted with Python Programming Bootcamp

Placement Success Rate

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Tech Transitions

Placements in FAANG / Top Product Companies

American Express

Benefits with Upgrad

  • Learning Support

    Student Support Team & Industry Networking

    Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7)

    For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform

    Live sessions by experts on various industry topics

    Group discussions

  • Doubt Resolution

    Q&A Forum | Expert Feedback

    Timely doubt resolution by peers and Teaching Assistants on the Q&A forum

    Personalised feedback on assignments and case studies

    Personalized expert feedback on assignments and projects

    Regular live sessions by experts to clarify concept-related doubts


  • Preparatory Content

    Topics Covered:

    Data Analysis using Excel

  • Introduction to Python and Logic-Based Programming

    Topics Covered:

    Recorded Module I: Python Basic Syntaxes and Data Structures

    Recorded Module II: Python Programming Constructs and Functions

    Live Session I: Python Crash Course - I - Developing Logic in Programming

    Live Session II: Hands-on Session on Basic Python Syntaxes

    Live Session III: Python Crash Course - II - Data Structures

    Live Session IV: Hands-on Session on Data Structures

    Live Session V: Python Crash Course - III: I/O, Error Handling and Best Practices, Functional Programming (filter, map, reduce, lambda)

    Live Session VI: Hands-on Session on Functional Programming

    Practice: 30 MCQs, 30 Coding Questions

  • Python for Data Science using Pandas

    Topics Covered:

    Recorded Module I: Python for DS - Basic Database Programming using Pandas

    Recorded Module II: Python for DS - Advanced Database Programming using Pandas

    Live Session I: NumPy and Pandas - Walkthrough of major syntaxes

    Live Session II: Manipulating Databases through Pandas & Built-in Functions

    Practice: 20 MCQs, 15 Coding Questions

  • Database Programming using MySQL

    Topics Covered:

    Recorded Module I: Basics of SQL - Databases, DDL, DML, Basic Syntaxes

    Recorded Module II: Basics of SQL - Joins, Merges, Functions

    Live Session I: Walkthrough of Major SQL Syntaxes

    Live Session II: Hands-on on Major SQL Syntaxes and Doubt Resolution

    Practice: 5 MCQs, 20 Coding Questions

  1. 50+Hours of content

  2. 25+Live learning hours

  3. 100+Practice question

  4. 5Tools/Libraries

Upgrad Offering & Key highlights

  • Best-in-class content delivered by industry leaders in the form of live lectures.
  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Practice Coding Questions
  • 5 Tools and Technologies
  • upGrad Alumni Benefits
  • Learn Skills such as Important Python Syntaxes, Logic Building for Programming, Programming using Python, Database Programming in Python using NumPy and Pandas libraries Database Programming in SQL.
  • This program is for Fresh Graduates, Managers, Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Marketing & Sales Professionals, etc. who are beginners in programming

Salary Hike

Top Employers
Amazon, Microsoft, Delhivery, Oracle etc



Growth Rate


Learn more about successful career transitions in this program


  • Personalised Industry Session

    90-minute sessions over the weekend by leading industry experts.

  • High Performance Coaching (1:1)

    Coach you on building your profile with access to AI Powered Profile Builder

  • Career Mentorship Sessions (1:1)

    Get personalised career guidance through 1-1 sessions with industry experts

  • Interview Preparation

    Access to Just In Time Interviews and company specific preparation

Get Certified!
Get certified for the Python Programming Bootcamp & turbocharge your career growth

Complete all the modules and projects successfully to get certified

  • Build an expertise in one the most powerful data science tools and earn an upGrad powered certificate.
  • Earn a completion certificate by completing the course modules and attempting and clearing the practice questions.

Program Fee
INR 25,000 (Incl. GST)*

Empowering learners of tomorrow

Over 2,300 students have completed this course and started working at their dream job, whats stopping you?

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  • Rigorous and job ready curriculum developed in collaboration with industry experts
  • Access to job opportunities in FAANG companies
  • 360 Degree Career Support with Mentorship from Industry Experts
  • Networking opportunities with 10,000+ alumni & leading industry experts

Application Process

  • Fill theapplicationform online
  • Get shortlistedbasis theeligibilitycriteria
  • Give test and qualify
  • Pay the feeand completeenrollment

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